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For 25 years, and over 100 systems installed and running...

We've been there... We know what you want...

Ease of Use * Reliability * Technical Support * Adaptability

Water/sewer/refuse, water only, sewer only, or refuse only billing and collection software, customized to each individual municipality, small or large.  Whether you use manual meter readings, imported readings, coupon books, autoread or radio-read handheld devices.  Coppella & Associates utility billing software can be tailored to fit your system like a new suit.  Start to finish, easy as that.  Browse through the web site, when you're ready, contact us with any questions.  You'll be sold on just how easy it is to use and get the results you need and want.  Why?
Coppella & Associates software is designed by the people who use it.  People like you.

Specialized utilities need specialized software. Period.

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